Avkeys application (program for antivirus trial reset)5599

This is a free official universal application for prolonging the trial period
of antivirus programs made by the developers of this web-site.

This program is intended for trial period reset of antivirus programs or for automatic searching and installing a license for them (depends on the antivirus program).

Attention! Download the program only from its official site (avkeys.org)!
There are many changed copies of this program on the Internet which contain viruses!
The developer is not responsible for this application if it was downloaded from other web sites!

The program is being detected as Riskware (dangerous software) and HackAV (hacking tool). The reason is evident - the program is intended for using antivirus programs for free.
It will not do any harm to your computer.
It is recommended to turn off your antivirus program before you download the program and add it to your white list after you have downloaded it.

Program features:

Presently the program supports the following antivirus programs:


Change Log:

Future plans:


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