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Baidu Antivirus 2015

Baidu Antivirus - free antivirus engines with Baidu, Avira Antivirus and cloud Baidu Cloud Security. The solution includes anti-phishing , block malicious downloads , anti- keylogger protection and screen capture and webcam, proactive protection HIPS.

Baidu Antivirus - very light, easy to use, extremely fast free antivirus that protects your computer from viruses, spyware, adware and other malicious programs.
Antivirus program combines engine Baidu Antivirus and cloud engine Baidu Cloud Security anti-malware engine with Avira Antivirus, and also includes a powerful , proactive protection , internet phishing and malicious downloads and the protection of personal data , providing reliable computer security and critical information from all types of online threats - both known and unknown .
Baidu Antivirus offers an easy to use interface , along with additional advanced features, such as quarantine infected files. It uses very little memory , so that you can safely engage in any business on your computer. Other functions and features include : automatic update system HIPS, check USB- flash drives, scan reports and more.

The main advantages of Baidu Antivirus
• Free download , free upgrades and free service
• Consumption of just 10MB of RAM makes your computer fast and responsive
• 3 anti-virus engine : Baidu Antivirus, Baidu Cloud Security and Avira Antivirus
• Powerful proactive protection
• Online protection against phishing and malware downloads
• Privacy Policy : Anti-keylogger protection, screen capture and webcam
• Detects and removes viruses on USB-media
• Cloud protection quickly detects unknown threats
• Instant response to new viruses
• Supports translator interface into your language
• Independent virus database accurately detects local threats
• Smart protection automatically selects the necessary engines
• Promises to detect 99% of known threats
• Baidu Antivirus is compatible with the basic safety programs

Key features Baidu Antivirus
Free Forever
• Anti Baidu is 100% free . You can be sure that there are no hidden fees or activation codes , protection is not limited functions and can be installed without any restrictions on the number of PCs . Developers seek to provide advanced anti-virus technology and a superior user experience for you at no charge.
Permanent automatic update
• Innovative technology Baidu Antivirus antivirus and malware detection system URL- links are always up to date , providing protection against the latest threats . Date protection provided by the fact that the computer automatically syncs with the cloud data center Baidu, while antivirus quickly and accurately detects and removes threats , while providing maximum performance for your computer.
Several anti-virus engines
• Engines Baidu Antivirus Baidu Cloud and integrated with one of the world's leading anti-malware engine from Avira. Together, these three powerful anti-virus engine provide you a complete , multi-level system to detect and remove viruses, as well as comprehensive protection for your computer.
Real-time protection
• Baidu Antivirus proactively protects your system from viruses, Trojans and other malware in real-time using 5 protection modules :
- System Protection : Protects critical system objects that can be easily used by malware and Trojans .
- Internet Protection: Protects your online activity , intercepting and blocking phishing attacks , Trojans, fraudulent websites and other malicious Internet resources .
- Protection USB-carriers Scans and removes threats detected on the USB- flash drives and other removable media data when connected to a computer.
- Protect your web browser and home page : prevents unauthorized access to malware and browser home page settings .
- Protect downloads : scans downloaded files in real-time protection from viruses, Trojans and malware hosted on infected web resources.
Proactive protection
• In contrast to the less-developed anti-virus programs , Baidu Antivirus provides local proactive protection + cloud proactive protection to fully protect your computer against unknown malware invasion . With the use of intelligent technologies , antivirus directly controls the behavior of programs to identify malicious activity , dynamically identifying and characterizing the code in the cloud for its rapid and accurate destruction.
local Support
• Baidu Antivirus supports English , Thai and Portuguese languages ​​and provides translation tool , so you can use the language that you prefer - including Russian and Ukrainian .


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