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Comodo Internet Security Premium

Free comprehensive solution . Protects against viruses and Internet attacks , includes antivirus and antispyware, personal firewall and antimalware programs Comodo Defense +.

Program of protection against Internet threats Comodo Internet Security is a free , multi-level computer security that protects against viruses and other malicious programs , hackers and identity theft .
Antivirus program Comodo Internet Security Edition combines powerful anti-virus Comodo Antivirus, enterprise-class firewall Comodo Firewall and automated system sandbox unknown files Auto Sandbox Technology.

Main features of Comodo Internet Security Premium
• Anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and anti- bot
• Protects your computer from Internet attacks
• Detects and removes all types of viruses
• Prevents attempts to install malicious software
• Auto Sandbox Technology
• Easy to install , configure and use
• Free for private and commercial users

The main components of Comodo Internet Security Premium
Antivirus Comodo:
• Detects , blocks, and removes viruses , found on personal computers and networks.
• Provides continuous protection by scanning in real-time access to the system .
• Automatically updates and daily virus database .
• Equipped with a built-in proactive protection from viruses / trojans .
• The product is free.
Firewall Comodo:
• Repeatedly recognized as the winner of the contest independent software of this class.
• Automatically makes your computer invisible to hackers .
• Analyzes and filters incoming and outgoing traffic of your computer.
• Equipped with a built-in proactive protection from viruses / trojans .
• The product is free.
Toolbar Comodo HopSurf:
• Communicates your web browser with online Comodo Antivirus for rapid virus diagnosis '' on the fly '' .
• Allows you to register your page in our social network to find new friends with the same interests .
• Allows you to place tags on websites , give them the rating , send friends links to interesting sites .
• Allows you to configure an automatic SurfTimer access to sites you are interested .
• The product is free.
Comodo TrustConnect:
• Provides protection for wireless and wired communications between your computer and others .
• Makes Internet surfing secure the points of public access to the Internet, such as cafes , hotels, airports , etc.
• Protects your private information from falling into the hands of computer criminals during the online sessions.
• Provides full encryption of incoming and outgoing traffic .
Comodo Internet Security - a perfectly balanced program complex for security on the web. The complex includes all the necessary tools for a quiet surf the Internet, to combat viruses , Trojans , adware- modules , etc.


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