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Immunet AntiVirus

'' Free '' cloud antivirus. Basic premuschestvo : ability to work with other antivirus software , compact size , high performance, timely updates .

Immunet Protect - free , easy , based on the cloud technology anti-virus program that uses a new approach to protecting against malicious software.

Overview antivirus Immunet Protect
The proposed solution combines all the advantages of the ''cloud'' antivirus software , including compact dimensions, high performance, timely loading updates and low system requirements.
Free antivirus Immunet Protect is designed to work with anti-virus software Symantec, AVG and Mcafee, while improving their performance protection. Can also work independently.
Immunet works on the basis of its own rapid '' cloud '' server that allows to detect malicious software on top of already installed antivirus program. System community Immunet Community antivirus automatically provide protection against new malware.

• High-grade anti-virus package for Windows, based on the core LibClamAV 0.97.
• Supports the operating modes as offline- scan , scan on demand (OnDemand) and check files when opened (OnAccess).
• Fully compatible with an open base ClamAV signatures and is the only commercially available anti-virus packages provided with the means to create and connect your own database of signatures and malware detectors , allowing you to expand the field of application of the antivirus engine .
• For users who are always in online, prepared service '' Cloud- defense '' in which the interface to a database of signatures is in the form of an external service , always contains the most current anti-virus signature database .


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