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Rising Internet Security Personal

Rising Internet Security provides continuous and comprehensive protection against all types of malware and Internet threats for home and office computers.

Rising Internet Security is designed to provide anti-virus protection of your computer against all known types of viruses and Internet threats. It has in its arsenal, customizable personal firewall . Using the module Rising Cloud Security, the software provides protection against zero-day threats .

Main features of Rising Internet Security
• Protection against zero-day attacks provided by Rising Cloud Security: users communicate with the Rising virus lab to form a network with fast response , which allows you to monitor , detect and remove Trojans and other malicious software ;
• Strong anti-virus protection as well as protection against spyware ;
• Protection from Trojans, worms , rootkits, other malicious software. Rising Internet Security offers protection against current existing today computer threats , without involving excessive resources on your computer. This software also provides an excellent examination for detection of malicious programs .

Firewall protection : firewall protection Duplex with separate accounts for the user and administrator. Even beginners can deal with the settings ;
Improved protection File Monitor: Rising Internet Security automatically detects viruses in files and blocks further spread .
Email Monitor: scan incoming and outgoing email for malware .
HIPS System Reinforcement: monitoring modules and protection resist attacks by malicious programs. You can easily customize this module (Rising HIPS) to fit your needs ;
Control over applications : monitoring modules to monitor the status of running applications and block suspicious processes work ;
Additional protection system USB PLUS: Monitor USB / CD / DVD protects against malicious software via USB Media, CD / DVD, network.
Protection against ARP-spoofing: ARP Spoofing ( 1) can be identified when the computer sends fake ARP packets of data over a local network in order to deceive another computer , as well as the gateway to LAN access allowed . This is done with a dual purpose : on the one hand to protect the data on the other hand - to trace the data that were sent or received from the computer.
Multilayered Active Defense & Internet ProtectionWeb Trojan Defense: Mnogurovnevaya active and protection against penetration trojans automatically blocks malicious web scripts and protects your computer from being infected ;
Interceptor Malware monitoring programs in the search for active malware . Execution of suspicious programs is suspended , resumed only after confirmation of their safety .
Protection URL : URL filter blocks phishing (2) and other malicious sites ; Intrusion Detection module allows you to protect your computer from a wide range of cyber attacks;
Enhanced Botnet ( 3 ) Protection : Outbound Flood Attack Sensor identifies the source of network attacks your computer and blocks the capture of your system.
System check when the computer is idle : Rising standby Scan checks '' idle '' computer ( Computer literacy when running , but the user does not perform any operations ) for malware .
Simplicity and convenience (availability friendly interface ) for beginners , there are also advanced features for advanced users , small consumption of computer resources .


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