NANO Антивирус5595
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NANO Антивирус

New anti-virus program , which takes into account the development of the basic requirements : high speed , efficiency and convenience , the ability to choose functionality.

NANO AntiVirus provides protection from all types of viruses and Trojans , Internet worms and other malicious software.

Core technology program NANO AntiVirus
• Anti-virus complex contains the most advanced developments in the field of protection. With this Anti- NANO has several advantages: faster work, unlike most such programs and ensures significant effectiveness in protecting .
• Technologies of deep emulation ensure effectiveness in finding and treatment of complex encrypted and polymorphic viruses. Most other technologies are not always able to create a similar reliability.
• To unpack facilities and work with files created strong support that allows you to define malicious objects treated with various archivers ( packers ) , and thereby provide protection against reinfection .
• Smart mechanism of computer resources when scanning and updating. In more powerful computers are actively involved their ability to accelerate the work .

Main features of NANO AntiVirus
• When working on a computer system with security enabled all the files that are being accessed ( user or system ) , immediately checked.
• Full scanner web traffic system helps prevent infection while visiting websites and do your work on the Internet safe . All files downloaded from the Internet , NANO Antivirus checks for malicious code in real time , and in the case of threat detection dangerous files immediately blocks while alerting the user.
• to perform the most common tasks in NANO AntiVirus created easy access . To perform a full scan of the computer ( any removable media, run a scan only potentially dangerous areas , update the anti-virus components , etc.) you need to make a minimum of actions .
• You can set a schedule periodic scans and update and provide them with certain tasks , it will automate many processes to ensure protection .
• You can create a ''white list'' of programs and facilities that will not be checked . This improves , for example , processing of large volumes of archives .
• Quarantine function ( ''blacklist'' ) reliably isolates suspicious files . They can rearrange to technical support for further verification .


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