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Anvi Smart Defender Free

Anvi Smart Defender - a new free antivirus protection system in real-time , cloud-based scanning technology , behavioral analysis of threats and means to optimize the computer .

Anvi Smart Defender - free antivirus, anti-virus engine using new Smart-Engine, quickly and easily scans your system and detect threats . '' Smart '' provides and powerful protection against malware : viruses, Trojans, worms, bots, and other threats.

Free antivirus solution protects your computer using a layered security system in real-time :
• Privacy Guard - protects against suspicious activity and unauthorized access ;
• Startup Guard - stops malicious threats that start with the system ;
• Process Guard - detects and stops malicious processes that run in the RAM;
• Behavior Guard - detects and blocks malicious behavior is typical ;
• Files Guard - monitors attempts to access a malicious file to your computer.

Main advantages Anvi Smart Defender
Powerful protection in real time - Anvi Smart Defender detects and blocks the latest threats and most malicious attacks. In the antivirus integrated multilevel security system in real time (Privacy Guard, Startup Guard, Process Guard, Behavior Guard, Files Guard), enables you to stop and block malware. When you visit online websites, make online purchases , share , use the Internet bank , a combination of levels of protection provides greater security of your computer and personal data .
Fast and easy scanning - Using the '' smart '' scanning engine , antivirus quickly, easily and effectively check and detects malicious threats. Smart Defender does not interfere with your work on the computer, when the scans , enough to run in the background check .
Cloud computing - Anvi Smart Defender uses cloud technology for detecting threats , increasing the level of computer protection. You can check suspicious files in the cloud and get a full report on their safety , as well as to discover new threats.
Additional PC optimization - Apart from the protection solution optimizes the performance of your computer by several parameters : System Optimize ( system optimization ), Registry Fix ( registry fix ), Privacy Cleaner ( cleaning of personal data ), Memory Sweep ( release memory ) and Disk Defragment ( defragmentation disc).

Key features Anvi Smart Defender:
• Fast and easy scanning;
• Powerful computer security ;
• Free protection in real time;
• Compatible with other antivirus software ;
• Optimization of system in one click ;
• Free technical support .


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