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Roboscan Internet Security Free

Roboscan Internet Security Free - free comprehensive protection against Internet threats . Two anti-virus engine (Bitdefender and Roboscan Tera), firewall, proactive technologies to provide multi-level protection in real time .

Roboscan Internet Security Free - free full antivirus with a firewall that protects your computer from malicious software and external threats from the Internet.

The Internet facilitates the sharing and exchange files and information , but active use of online opportunities can expose your computer to various Internet threats. Comprehensive antivirus RoboScan uses dual protection with Bitdefender antivirus engines and Roboscan Tera (ALYac), which provide a multi-level filtering for a more thorough detection and removal of online threats and malware.

Main advantages Roboscan Internet Security Free:
Multi-level protection with double anti-malware engine - RoboScan uses two award-winning BitDefender anti-virus engine and Roboscan Tera (ALYac), to effectively protect your computer. These two levels of protection detect and block malware (such as spyware, Trojans, adware, worms, viruses , etc.) and hacking tools .
Scanning speed increase - Technology RoboScan Smart Scan Smart Scan provides a quick and efficient process for scanning the computer. When RoboScan scans your computer, it keeps a record of safe files in the internal database - White list , which antivirus uses to accelerate the following system checks . Database White list is updated after each scan , which reduces the time required to complete each subsequent inspection.
Recognition system of false positives - RoboScan prevents the possibility of determining a regular file as malware , using a unique system of recognition of false positives.
Simple interface '' one-click '' - Improved interface RoboScan allows you to access any function in a few simple clicks.
Free full antivirus - Free Internet security solution with double Antivirus , personal firewall , proactive protection technologies against new and unknown threats.

Key features Roboscan Internet Security Free:
3 modes of scanning and cleaning threats
• Fast scanning - Scan active processes and critical system areas. This is the fastest way to detect system malicious threats .
• Basic Scans - The basic test of all critical areas of the system and are often infected places.
• Advanced scanning - Extended check all system disks go specified folders . Compared to other modes takes more time, but provides a comprehensive scan that reveals all possible online threats .
Real-time scanning - Real-time protection of your computer in real time. Scanning when accessing files on the system, web pages , files, e-mail and instant messaging programs . Roboscan scanner real time prevents infection with viruses and malware while visiting Web sites on the Internet , Windows, and protects personal information.
Proactive detection technology - New and unknown threats are detected and blocked with proactive detection technology RoboScan. RoboScan analyzes suspicious files in an isolated virtual environment to identify potential threats before they occur .
Self-defense - RoboScan protects itself from threats and components designed to neutralize security features.
Personal Firewall - Firewall protects your computer from unauthorized attempts to connect , monitor all network connections and prevents intrusions.
Destruction of files - Shred File component deletes files and folders without the possibility of further recovery , even with the help of specialized software .
Quarantine and restore files - After analyzing threats RoboScan stores suspicious files in a secure environment - quarantine. thus eliminating the risk of contamination during storage infected files for possible future use or recovery.
Checking system vulnerabilities - Roboscan Internet Security Free detects and eliminates vulnerabilities that can be used to attack or damage your computer.
Frequent automatic updates - RoboScan updates virus databases more than 5 times a day to ensure the timely protection of your computer from the latest malware threats .


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