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Preventon Antivirus Free

Preventon Antivirus Free - free antivirus and anti-spyware capabilities with basic protection against malicious programs. In real-time blocking known viruses and spyware, detects infected removable storage media.

Preventon Antivirus - antivirus professional level for home users. Free version offers basic protection against known malware .
Antivirus and antispyware engine use , which currently protects millions of users worldwide . Protection in real time stops threats before they show their activity, and on-demand scanning detects and removes threats that exist on the computer .

Key features Preventon Antivirus Free:
• Antivirus : block all known viruses .
• Anti-Spyware : removes all known spyware .
• Daily updates .
• Detection of infection removable storage media (USB- flash drives , etc.).
• Protection in real time .
• Web Support ( in English) .


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